The Basic Functional Differences between Smoke Detectors and Alarm Systems

Installing an alarm system has always been a pre-requisite safety measure in commercial and office buildings for a long time. In fact, even homes have Alarm Monitoring systems to ensure better safety against burglars and unnatural mishaps like fire that may have the potential to destroy your belongings.

Even if you don’t have a entire alarm system enabled, you should at the least ensure having a closed circuit TV monitoring system that should cover the vulnerable nooks and entry and exit points of your building. This is a common measure that almost everybody has, but in order to be safeguarded in a better way, you should have an active Alarm systems in Brisbane.

To have an efficient fire alarm system, you must be having both as you never know the nature of the mishap that you may be subject to. Another type of alarm system, which is not very essential as a fire alarm measure, is a Carbon Monoxide (CO) emission detector. A sensor that can work as a bridge between fire alarm and burglar alarm is heat sensors, and they are highly sensitive.

As soon as a signal is transferred from the sensor, the control panel triggers off a response mechanism which can be activating sprinklers in case of fires or setting off alarm sounds or in some cases, unlocking passages that are otherwise sealed by the security system. The fire alarm system is usually automated but in the other cases, the experts handling the alarm monitoring system should contact you to verify the emergency and depending on the nature, send a message to the nearest police or fire station.

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