The Important Reasons Why You Need to Look for Pool Certifiers

Many accidents happen in the pool area. These include drowning and slipping. Unfortunately, the victims are usually the children. Even if the pool is shallow, still the children can die from drowning and this is the reason why the government now requires the pool owners to get a certificate from pool certifier Sydney. This certificate is a proof that there are no structures in the pool area that can pose a threat to the lives of the children while having fun in the pool area.

During the past years, the certificate of safety in the pool area is not required by the government. But it is different now. The government will exert all means for the safety of the children and even adults in the pool area. The pool certifiers will be called upon for inspection. They will visit your place and check if there are some violations. You do not have to be present if you are busy with work or with other errands. The pool certifiers will then submit to you via email a very in depth report. If there are violations, they will refer you to some tradesmen who can work in your pool area to remedy all the violations. The process of pool inspection will only last an average of thirty minutes.

If there are violations, you will not be given a safety certificate. You have to remedy all these violations. Once done, the pool certifiers will go back to your place again for a follow-up inspection. If no more violations are seen, then you will receive your safety certificate.

The case is also the same for spa owners. You have to understand that any excavation that can be filled with a minimum of thirty centimeters is already required to undergo an inspection by the pool certifiers. You cannot continue with your spa operation if you have no safety certificate.


  • On site advice. If you are present while the inspection is going on, you will get an advice from the pool certifiers regarding the violations. Each violation will be explained to you in detail and what can be done about it.
  • You will be given a list of professionals by the certifiers who can work in your pool or spa area to make it safe. Once the place is already safe, then the pool certifiers will grant you a safety certificate.