The Key Difference between Website Design and Development

The two phrases “website design” and “website development” are often used in an interchangeable way. However these terms have two different meanings and require varied skill sets. In case you exploring career options or looking forward to hiring somebody for any of these two job profiles, it’s important for you to understand the difference. Both website design and web development are exciting roles with great career options.

What exactly is website design?

Website designing is the skill, knowledge and expertise helps to build the front end of a website. The job of good web designers is to ensure that the website looks great and customers are able to navigate easily through it. The core principles of website design and functional simplicity are put to use.

Web designers know the ways of increasing utility and the aesthetic appeal of websites. They specialise in building/ designing websites that attracts large traffic flows and helps in retention. There are many professional courses in web design which you can avail if you want to become a part of this interesting and exciting profession.

Why lines are blurred?

There must be a reason why the terms web designer and website developer are used as functional synonyms. There are lots of web designers who are well versed in JavaScript, HTML and PHP. Though website designers do not need to code on a regular basis but still they need to have some idea about the technical aspects.

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