The Pros And Cons Of Polished Floors

Polished floors is actually in demand compared to other floor finish. Polished floors by Montalti Surfaces in Melbourne offer a lot of benefits and advantages, thus being recommended by house builders, but just like in any type of floorings, there are pros and cons that you need to consider. You surely know for a fact that once you have chosen a flooring type and it has been installed or made, you have no choice but to keep it. You would not want to spend dollars just to have it replaces by something else, it is actually far more expensive.

Moving on, just so you know, below are the pros and cons that you may want to consider before deciding to use polished floors:

The Pros Of Polished Floors

The pros actually is greater than the cons, thus if you are not decided yet whether you will get polished floors or not, reading below may lead you to your decision:

  • Highly Durable

Polished floors are said to be highly durable, concrete to be specific, and can withstand strong pressure coming from heavy equipments or foot traffic. It is almost impossible to get chopped off or scratched.

  • Longer life span

Their durability made the floors offer longer life span, thus you know that the money you spend can definitely go a long way.

  • Easy to clean

Sweeping and mopping are the two easy steps to clean polished floors. The maintenance is just so easy, that anyone can perform. If you want a floor that is very easy to clean and maintain or does not require time to put it back to their old shine, then polished floors is your best choice.

The Cons Of Polished Floors

Just like in any other flooring type, it has their fair share of consequences or drawbacks, below are few of the consequences you may want to consider:

  • Slippery

Due to their polished characteristic, these floors can be highly slippery, thus making it not too child friendly. If this is still your choice, there are good ways still that you can do to prevent it from being too slippery, using of carpets, less application of polishing floor solutions, matt etc., can be considered. You would not want to put your life or your children’s life in danger, thus better make a way for it not to happen.

  • Not easy to repair

Yes it is not easy to damage a these kind of floors, but if in case it happens, repair is not easy. You definitely need to call a repair man, as the job is something that cannot be performed by anyone who has lesser knowledge.