Things to Consider Before Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

You might be so tired of shaving and waxing unwanted hairs from different areas in your skin, and so you decided maybe it’s time for a different procedure, something effective but does not take as much time. If you are considering laser hair removal for this, of course, there are some things that you need to take into consideration before finally putting yourself in it. The big question is, is the procedure right for you?

If you are inexperienced, laser hair removal can be dangerous. Permanent changes in your skin color, burns and even scars may occur. The risk of these possible side effects can be greatly reduced if the procedure would be done by a medical professional or doctor who is exceptionally skilled when it comes to using lasers and has a considerable amount of knowledge when it comes to skin.

The length of the procedure varies, depending on the size of the skin that you want to be treated. Treatment like the upper lip wax can take minutes, while treatment on large area of the skin like the back or the legs may take more than an hour. After the procedure, you need to protect the treated skin from direct sunlight. So after the procedure, you should:

– Avoid direct sunlight from hitting your skin that has been treated.
– Avoid using a sun lamp, tanning bed or any other indoor equipment used for tanning.
– Do and follow the after-care instructions that your dermatologists will give you.

After the treatment, you would notice some swelling and redness in your skin. These usually look like a mild sunburn. You can apply cool compress to the affected area to reduce your discomfort. The results of the treatment vary from patient to patient – it depends on the color and thickness of your hair and the type of laser that has been used. Usually, 10% to 25% of hair reduction can be expected after the first session. IPL hair removal Sydney would require you to have 6-8 sessions, depending on your hair type and also the size of the skin that you want to be treated.

Laser hair removal is the procedure that has been determined safe, quick, and definitely effective compared to other hair removal treatments available today. There might be some side effects on your skin, but of course, every other skin care treatment can produce side effects, one way or another. If you are ready for the above facts about laser hair removal, then this procedure is most probably for you.