Things to Consider While taking Creatine

These powders are one of the most researched online supplements , and a lot of research papers have declared them safe. The most common question that people ask is about the best time to take creatine. This depends on various factors. It also depends on whether the person is in a ‘maintaining’ phase or ‘loading phase’.

With the help of creatine powders, muscles retain more water. One needs to drink a lot of water throughout the day, if taking creatine. The best way to take this is to mix it by drinks or juices containing high amounts of carbohydrate, e.g. grape juice. This helps in the production and release of insulin for the breakdown of carbohydrates.

This process helps in better transportation of creatine from blood to the muscles. Most people prefer taking it for around 2-3 months, and going off it for a month. Creatine powders typically don’t cause side-effects. However, when symptoms exist, it is better to consult a fitness expert.

Additional information

Some studies show that the times at which creatine powders are taken don’t really matter. They should be spaced and taken before each meal. They should also be taken half to 1 hour before workout. This helps in better absorption. Immediately after the workout activity, another round should be taken. After the maintenance period, creatine stays in the stream for several weeks, and is readily available. So, it is okey to take it at any convenient time.

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