Tips 101 For Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to having clean carpet, there is a lot of confusion and information circulating. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Learn the basics with these Carpet Cleaning 101 tips.

1. Don’t Do-it-Yourself. If you are under the impression that a clean carpet simply requires a little water and detergent then prepare for a total loss. Except for the most basic and inexpensive throw carpet or large doormats, carpet require special attention during the cleaning process to preserve the colors and textures that make the carpet look great.

2. Dyes. Whether your carpet is an expensive oriental heirloom or new modern design, the color is central to the beauty and desirability of the carpet itself. Care and caution must be exercised to assure the integrity of the colors. Few professional carpet cleaning companies truly understand how to identify and clean natural dyes or fibers. Failure to take adequate precautions can lead to a washed out appearance, faded colors, irregular patterns or even a loss of the carpet .

3. Fibers. Recognizing fibers especially natural fibers is the first step in proper care and cleaning of carpet . Wool, silk, jute or dozens of other types of fibers and blends are used in both modern and older carpet. Improper identification can lead to using the wrong cleaning solutions and may cause shrinkage, fading or a host of other potential problems.

4. Special Treatment. Unfortunately despite the best care, accidents happen. It may be necessary to have special treatments applied to your carpet in order to restore the beauty, color and design back to its former glory. Reputable carpet cleaning services specialize in all types of carpet cleaning and repair techniques ranging from removal of stains to elimination of pet odors. It might even be possible to correct damage done by other less skilled carpet cleaning companies!

5. Restoration. In addition to repairing damage caused by improper cleaning or poor repair techniques, many carpet may require restoration services due to normal wear and tear. It is a good idea to have repairs taken care of at the same time you have the carpet cleaned in order to preserve the appearance and value of the carpet. Lost fringe, irregular wear patterns or other typical age related issues can easily be corrected by using the services of a reputable cleaning provider. Always call the Auckland cleaner – a reliable company with nationwide reputation to be sure your investment is in safe hands.