Tips for Avoiding Blocked Drains during Halloween

Halloween is a scary festival, not only because of the stories that abound but also because of the havoc it can cause in your crystal clean kitchen. If you did not know, pumpkin peels – the essence of all Halloween celebration – are the sworn enemy of your kitchen causing breakdowns everywhere.

They can cause blocked drains, affect your garbage disposal system, and even bring hell down in your toilets! If you thought the pumpkin scraps and peels could be safely hidden away easily before the guests were home, think again! Follow these simple tips to avoid a Halloween disaster in your kitchen and avert the possibility of ending the celebrations with a blocked drain.

Do Not carve pumpkins in the kitchen sink

It might sound like a great idea to carve the pumpkins in the kitchen sink, with zero cleaning required afterwards, but it is actually not so great.  A regular plumbing service maintenance checkup is needed to avoid any issue that may arise in your plumbing system. The slippery pumpkin pulp can slip past the sink stoppers, and get into your pipes where it hardens and clogs the pipes. The only recourse you are left with then is to call Blocked drains North Brisbane!

Save Water

An eco-friendly bathroom doesn’t waste precious water in routine activities. While brushing your teeth, turn off the tap and use it only when you require. Instead of using bath tubs or any other stored water for bathing, use showers, it saves a lot of water.

And make sure that the toilet used in your bathroom is not very old. An old toilet drains a lot of water per flush. Get a regular plumbing  service checkup  and install a new toilet in your bathroom. Apart from giving your bathroom a modern and clean look, it will save tons of water from getting wasted.