Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining a Commercial Fridge

A good Commercial fridge is at the center of a well organized successful kitchen and you have got to keep your fridge happy and clean if you want your business to run smoothly and successfully. While everybody knows that commercial fridges have a shelf life and they are going to break down one day, you can take some steps to lengthen and smoothen the life of your fridge.

How to keep you condenser coil clean? 

The location of the condenser coil is different for different commercial fridges so you have to consult the product manual to locate it.

The installation technician is the right person to point out its location too. Kitchen supplies sellers sell a kind of coil cleaner which can be suitably used to clean the condenser coil at least once a month.

The fins of the condenser should be brushed from the top to bottom and not sideways. If the fins get bent in the cleaning process, straighten them out with a wire comb. You can also opt to purchase special products that automatically cleanse the condenser regularly. Know about workplace accidents.

How to take care of the motor and blades? 

A soft piece of cloth run regularly over the blades of the fan and the motor is all it takes to keep the fridge motor and the fan blades clean. If needed you can wash the blades but make sure that you cover the motor with a second piece of dry cloth.

Make sure that the interior fridge lights are working properly at all times.

Install a perforated diffuser in your kitchen’s ceiling tiles. 

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