Tips for eCommerce Product Photography

Interested in selling your products online but not sure how to attract the customers? It all begins with the right picture! A great product photograph will ensure that your buyer does not move on to the next deal, but is left tempted to buy your product at the very first go. Good product photography gives the buyer a very ‘real’ feeling of the product and excites his imagination is worth investing in. You can hire a Product Photographer for this, but of you would like to take a few shots yourself, this DIY guide should help you take some good snaps.

Choose a simple background

A background with too many colors will only overwhelm your product. A white or a neutral colored background works best for this since it not only reflects light, it also enhances the look and feel of your product.

If you are shooting at home, try to find a light colored wall. Or you can hang a white card from the wall and let it curve to the floor. This will give you a clean backdrop without any folds that you can now use for your product photography.

Focus on the lighting

While natural light is the best choice for taking photographs, artificial light can be used in certain situations to impart more life and detail into the photograph. If you are shooting a tiny product or if your product is very intricate – jewelry for example – then artificial light can give the shot an extra level of depth.

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