Tips for Encouraging Your Dog to Chew

Making your dog chew is of paramount importance for the good health of the dog. If you happen to visit a vet, you will see they also emphasize on encouraging your pet dog to chew. A daily exercise for your dog will keep them relax and healthy.

Avoid giving too many toys to your dog

He should have only a few toys to play with at a time, so rotating his toys would be a nice idea. Giving him too many toys keeps his mouth stimulated all the time. Nylabone, natural beef bone (one which cannot be broken into small pieces), hard rubber balls are examples of good toys for dogs.

Avoid giving them squeaky toys or cloth items, stick to toys which are safe and sturdy. Soak the toys in chicken or beef broth for about 15 min, in case your dog is disinterested in chewing them.

Keep them under constant supervision and avoid giving them too many treats

A sensible and nice bit of advice recommended by a holistic vet is, to give your pet dog only few treats per day. Too many treats keep your dog focussed on using his mouth the whole day along. So, unless you are in training mode refrain from giving them too many treats.

You should dog-proof your home if your pet is unreliable with chewing. Pick up all the clothes, shoes and bags that are a temptation for the dog. Keep such things out of the reach of dog till he is fully trained and reliable with chewing.