Tips for First Time Backpackers

Travelling around places and having great experiences witnessing the local culture and tourism spots is a dream come true for any traveller. But it doesn’t take much for this dream to turn into a nightmare. Forgetting or misplacing your ATM card, SIM, or passport is all it takes for this to happen. For a first time backpacker, there are a few things you should remember before you look for Backpacker jobs in Sydney Australia.

Have a General Idea of Money Needed

It is best to use an internationally accepted fee-free credit card as far as possible. If you are not sure about handling them, it is recommended that you transfer as much amount as possible to an Australian bank account beforehand, to minimise transaction charges for every transfer or debit or ATM withdrawal fees from both the countries.

Cities in Australia like Sydney and Melbourne have high costs of living, so be prepared with some extra cash always.

Make sure your ATM card is ready for international use before you start out on your travel to avoid last minute shocks.

Staying in Touch

Opt for internet calling on Skype using free wi-fi easily available around the world in cafes and hostels. Check your email and manage Facebook updates through the same.

Choose a worldSIM, TravelSIM or OneSIM to keep in touch when you are not in areas having free wi-fi. This will save you data costs as well as offer cheap call rates to make voice calls. If you are planning to stay in a single country for weeks together while travelling, buying a local prepaid SIM is advisable.

Work in Thailand is also your another option if you want to explore Asian countries.

When thinking to join a trades show, see to it that your booth and display stands are interesting for your customers.

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