Tips for Increasing Sales at your Coffee Shop

If you are the owner of a coffee shop you would naturally wish that your customers say, “This is the best coffee shop in the city”! You want them to tell their friends and near and dear ones that they enjoyed the time spent at your shop so that you have new customers coming to your shop along with the old ones. One obvious way is to choose coffee beans with good flavor.

Short Shop Tips

Offer free home brewing tips to your customers. Design your menu so that your customers can experiment with their own combos. Promote a weekly or bi weekly home brew on your website. You can even float a best brew completion where the winner gets a free coupon to your coffee shop.

Meet Online Meet Offline

Advertise on social networking websites and have a live stream on your website so that all updates are visible. Reward customers who like your quotes or tweets, or those who tweet about your shop.

Reserve a weekday – or weekend – for random social groups from a particular social networking site. You can have a tweeters Sunday or Showy your Face Book Saturday where the networking groups meet in the real world and interact with one another.

Loyalty Reward

Have a system of reward points for your customers who keep coming back to you. Or you can have something simple like buy 10 get 1 card – for every 10 times your customer visits the shop he gets a coffee free.

Having a casino party for your employees is a good idea when you were able to go beyond your target sales.

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