Tips for Preventing Slips and Falls at Workplace

They say that your rise higher after you have fallen hard. Metaphorically maybe, but in real-life, a hard fall can mean a nasty accident and a few broken bones. It has been shown that accidents at the workplace are a very common occurrence and forma a significant percentage of all accidents and injury claims in a year. Moreover, workplace accidents are a great deterrent to the company’s growth as they result in thousands of lost work days per year. Therefore, it is in your interest to be aware of the steps you can take to reduce the chances of accidents at your workplace.

Do not neglect the housekeeping

Good housekeeping strategies mean good organization which is an important factor when it comes to reducing the number of accidents in your workplace. Housekeeping and organizations begins with the workers, and therefore it is imperative that you have a proper plan in place, and assign responsibilities to your workforce. Knowing who is responsible for what makes it easier to keep track of what needs to be done at the end of the day. See Personal injury lawyer

Clean up the wet or slippery surfaces

Wet and slippery surfaces are your biggest enemies. From slippery floors, to wet areas in the shower room or the kitchen space – there is no dearth of accident-causing wet areas that can make your employees trip and fall.

To reduce such incidents, analyze the structure of your workplace and pin point the places you think are prone to becoming wet and slippery.

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