Tips for recycling at Home

Recycling is one way of taking care of our environment. Anything which might be useless for its said property, if you just take a second thought before dumping it, could also be used in a different form. That is what recycling does. So take a look in your attic and start recycling.

What can be recycled?

From the smallest cans, cork or old CDs to the big machines such as TV, refrigerator or a washing machine, anything can be recycled. Recycling makes any junk reusable. Do not ignore anything that you use daily.

For that always keep a recycle bin next to your dustbin. If it is not food wastage or something that would stink, if kept for a longer period of time, then drop it in the recycle bin. Any metal container, even some of the cosmetics such as lipstick, newspaper, old birthday cards, old furniture and even shrunken pillows can become a new product after recycling.

Even the remains of a lipstick can be melted and placed in a small jar and use as a lip gloss. If your pillow has lost its softness and has gone flat then fold it and put it in a cushion cover. The old CDs can be used as decorative items by sprinkling some colourful sparkle on it and hang it in girls’ room, they will love it. The coffee jars or the spice containers can also be reused as a pen stand or even a vase after you rinse it properly.

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