Tips for Securing Your Home Windows

It has been observed that the weakest link in your home security is not your door or your fence but your sweet little home window. This makes it really important to secure this vulnerable point with due diligence. Here are some tips to secure your home window in a better manner.

Security Locks 

A variety of security locks are available for almost all kinds of windows. They are inexpensive and easily available. There are mainly two kinds of locks; flip locks and keyed locks. Flip locks are more commonly used, but for better protection, you should choose the keyed locks for your window. Just don’t forget the key in the window.

Additionally, you can use supplemental locks for your home security windows. They are pretty useful in securing the more accessible and vulnerable areas of your home such as basements, balconies and roofs.  If you want to install an additional security equipment, contact security alarms Ipswich.

Security Films

Privacy films not only offer privacy but also prevent a thief from targeting the valuable articles in your home. The safest possible way is to install tinted window films on all your external windows.

You may also use tempered glass for your windows which has adhesive plastic sheeting that makes breaking out windows extremely difficult. The safety coating doesn’t let the glass shatter and the broken glasses stay together in the frame. This makes intrusion really difficult. Another popular trend for home security is installation of PVC windows. You may contact security screens for installation of security screen.

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