Tips for Storing Different Items in a Storage Unit

Do you have to vacate your house and wonder how to get started with packaging? Here come some ready to use solutions for you which will help you in packing your items in an organised and efficient way. Different kind of storage units are required to be used for different types of items.

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Categorise Your Items

Different types and sizes of boxes are required for the packaging of different items. To get started, make a list of inventory you need to pack. Put items separately on the basis of item category. Write the name of the item categories on the storage units, which will make it easy for you to place them safely in the storage facility.

Fragile items

Start your list with fragile items; it would include dishes, crockery, show pieces, saucers, bowels, mirrors, lamps and other delicate items. Storage units for fragile items should be small but strong. Carefully wrap the delicate items individually into bubble wraps or papers wraps. Don’t leave any gap in the boxes you are putting them into, fill the gaps with tissue papers.

Electronic Items

Electronics item include items like television, music player, stereo etc. Preferably use the original packing for storing electronic items because their original packaging is well protected from all the sides. But if you don’t have original boxes, buy high quality boxes of accurate size from your nearby storage facility. Again, make sure that no loose spaces are left after you place the item into the box.

Sending items like furniture, gifts and others should be done through a shipping company.