Tips for Taking Care of Glass Shower Screens

Hard water, shampoo stains, water stains and soap scum can leave their ugly marks on your gorgeous glass shower screens and make them look unappealing. A cloudy glass screen in your otherwise spick and span shower enclosure with visible spots on the inner surface can mar the beauty of your stylish bathroom.

Following are a few cleaning and maintenance tips for your glass shower screens that you may find useful.

Cleaning Tips

You can cut down on water stains on your Glass Shower screens by wiping the screen down with a squeegee every time you shower. You can keep the squeegee in the shower enclosure itself. Whenever anybody showers in the enclosure, ask him or her to give the glass screen a quick rub down. This will prevent water stain and soap scum build up.

Rubbing Alcohol

You can fill a spray bottle or aerosol spray with rubbing alcohol and spritz a little bit on your glass shower screens and glass windows. Then you can rub down with a clean sponge. It will make your shower screen sparkle like new.

Shampoo/Shower Gel/Hand Soap

You can use clarifying shampoo or shower gel or even hand wash liquid soap to scrub your glass shower screen. After applying the shampoo or shower gel, wipe gently with a wet sponge till the water stains and soap scums are removed. Then you can wash with water and wipe down with a clean squeegee. This will leave no residue.

If you will be experiencing leaking toilets, call a plumber.