Tips for the Retail Industry Waste Management

Talk to the retail store managers and convince them to use only a small quantity of packaging material or wrapping paper. Before purchasing the new cardboard boxes you should reuse the old ones.

Discouraging the use of boxes made of polystyrene is a good policy. You should encourage people to adopt healthy practices like using cutlery and plates in food courts, which are made up of reusable materials.

Use energy efficient, refilled and reusable products

Coax the public to purchase items which are energy efficient or which have the best ratings when it comes to energy efficiency. The timers and the switches should be adjusted in accordance with the seasonal needs to save energy.

Talk to the retailers about using alternatives like refills when the original container is completely exhausted. In this manner the products can be reused again and again, so it not only helps you in waste management but it is also helps you in reaping monetary profits.

Avoid the plastic shopping bags and introduce recycling systems

Using alternatives to plastic shopping bags, such as jute bags and paper bags will reduce the junk overload. Introduce a good cardboard and paper recycling system in the retail shops. You should support recycling of batteries and oils from vehicle maintenance services.

Adequate treatment facilities for the collection and disposal of hazardous wastes should be ensured. Separation of the different types of wastes collected from the various public recycling areas inside the malls before it is transported to the recycling organization is very helpful in waste management.