Tips on Choosing Carport Designs for Small Cars

A carport is an open structure with a roof on top that is conveniently used for parking vehicles. Carports are a practical alternative to the ubiquitous garage. They are much more aesthetically pleasing, can be converted for entertainment purpose and can be used for parking every type of vehicle ranging from small family cars to large recreational vehicles (RVs). The shade sails are cheaper to install too as you don’t have to build the walls or install a garage door. In fact, carports are something in-between mere parking lots with a carport sail on top and a bulky concrete garage.

Installing your Carport

In the most basic format, a carport has four posts supporting the roof. Carports can be located either in front of the house leading from your main driveway or at the sides or the backyard and have gravel; concrete or paved driveways leading up to it. It can be attached to the building itself or constructed as a free-standing structure. The carport can be constructed of concrete, wood, metal or prefabricated fibre depending on your preference, use and budget. Selecting a carport will therefore depend on several factors; each of which is equally important if you want the right carport at the right price.

Other Considerations

The size of your car may determine the dimensions of your carport but there are others factors to consider too. A carport is still an investment and if it’s is attached permanently to your residential / commercial structure, you will want to plan well for future expansions.

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