Tips on Planning Entertainment for an Informal Gathering

Party planning can be fine both for the host and the guests provided you know the secret behind organising the perfect gathering. Whether you are planning a gathering for family or for friends you need to focus on planning a fun stress free event that makes all your guests feel welcome and special.

Ditch that complicated menu

Don’t devise a menu for the gathering that has you spend hours in the kitchen. The success to a party menu lies in its un-complicatedness. Don’t be scared to stock up on pre made food like ready to eat pizza slices, tinned food, packaged delicacies etc. If you do have to cook ensure that none of the dishes take up more than 20 minutes of your time individually.

Try to avoid serving gravy laden food as people will get their hands dirty and consumption of paper napkins will increase. Oily greasy heavy food is anyway bad for health and will distract from all the drinking, dancing and fun that is surely going to be a part of your happening party. Ensure that your guests are not distracted only by the menu.

Party décor

Any party or gathering is incomplete without some appropriate decor. Blow up some balloons and buy lots of inexpensive paper streamers to decorate the walls. Call in two of your best buddies the night before to help with the decor. If you are hiring Vintage photo booth Perth and a party planner then you can leave the decorations to them.