Tips on Saving Costs while Buying or Making Promotional Pens for your Company

Promotional pens are amongst the top items used for the purpose of effective business promotion. They are versatile, customisable and have a wide reach. However if you are running/managing a business in the SME sector you will obviously want to save money while buying or making these pens because you will have a strict promotion budget to adhere to. Here are some tips that will help you save good money.

Always buy in bulk

If you do not have a production facility which you can utilise for making promotional pens then you should buy pens in bulk and stock up. This approach has two distinct advantages. Firstly you can rest be assured that you will never run short of promotional pens in the middle of your marketing campaign. Secondly any item will come cheaper if you directly source it from the manufacturer in bulk. Aim to stock 5%-10% more than your requirement. You will be surprised to see how much money you are saving.

Strike a bargain

You can be sure that the manufacturer of the custom promotional pens will levy a nice fat profit margin while quoting his price. He/ she probably expect that you are going to bargain hard and have decided on the offer value accordingly. When you are buying in bulk you will get good bargaining power. Be prepared to reason, logically argue and cajole the seller to lower the price. The cost savings you can achieve will be in direct proportion to your negotiating skills.

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