Tips to Plan an International School Tour for High School Students

It is a known fact that school tours are beneficial for students. In this article, we look at some tips on planning an international tour as part of high school programs. The first thing to do is to check the school district’s policy about international trips. If the district doesn’t support or approve travelling with students, you must make sure that the students and parents understand this and that you’d be organizing the trip independently. Also, select a venue big enough to have meetings with them. You should probably check whether libraries or club houses are available to hold such meetings.

There are certain things required to organize school tours, this includes a letter of introduction, travel brochures, chaperons, school calendar, contact information and medical permission forms.

Here are a few things that help in organizing school tours successfully. First, you should look for a travel group that promotes educational tours and student travel. Also remember to have a single point of contact from this travel group who can help you out in case of any difficulties regarding flights, itineraries, hotel arrangement etc.

After you’ve decided for how long would you be travelling, dates, and a destination, the next step is to write letters to parents or guardians of students. This letter should explain why the trip is important, it should also give out contact information and tell when the first meeting will be held, which usually is about 8 months before the departure.

When the first meeting is held, parents should be provided with the contract and also give them a brochure from the travel company which includes details of the trip like the costs(including taxes), any additional charges and fees for excursions or extensions that aren’t covered under the standard charges of the company etc.

At the next meeting, provide parents and students with a packet that includes a student conduct contract, contracts relating to medical emergencies, a contract about consumption of alcohol because some countries allow it under the age of 18 and also a form that states if the student has any medical needs or special dietary needs. Have them sign these contracts, only then should a deposit be accepted.

Keep parents and students updated with information. It is also crucial that you keep in touch with the representative from the travel company. Make sure to have in written any changes or agreements made, and follow up telephonic conversations via a detailed email. Don’t forget to inform the representative about any special dietary or medical needs of students. Make sure that you’ve all the details of the trip with you. Also, request that the hotel you stay in or the restaurants you eat offer dinner that offer the students a cultural experience.

It is important that you know all the students. Review with them the social conducts of the country you’re visiting and provide them with as much information about the country as possible.

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