Tips to Test Used Forklifts before making a Buying Decision

Industrial forklifts are complicated heavy commercial vehicles and for any business owner the process of purchase of a fork lift is bound to be complex. There are so many factors which you have to consider when purchasing a forklift to calculate the return on investment of the vehicle. Obviously the complexity and the risk increase when you are buying a used forklift. There are important areas where you can test the forklift before buying it.

Check the truck hour meter for accuracy

Nearly every forklift will have an hour meter which helps the users and the servicing guys form an opinion of the usage. A typical four digit meter will read up to 9999 hours and then it will again fall back into 0000 and then again increase. What happens is when the meter reads 1000 but the forklift has already been used for 9999+1000 hours. Customers can be tricked into believing that the forklift has been used for less time.

Therefore it’s important to verify accuracy of the data plate because this is the only way you can decrease the risk of accidents. In the second hand forklift market there are a lot of incorrect data plates so watch out for these.

You shouldn’t trust miscellaneously made reports as the manufacturers word is the only solid evidence

Take along an expert to evaluate the actual usage of the forklift before there are unscrupulous dealers in the market who will try to short charge you.


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