Trademark Selection Tips

When you start a new business, you need to get a trademark to create your brand in the market. You have to be very prudent, while selecting your trademarks because a trademark can drastically bring traffic towards your company website.

Unique Trademark

Your trademark has to be unique, to distinguish your products and services from your competitor. There are many criteria, based on which you can choose your trademark. You can choose random trademarks, which are in no way connected with the products and services such as, Apple.

Else, you can select trademark, which will readily give your customers the idea about your offerings. But, whatever you choose has to be unique, and you customers should not be confused about your trademark, and should not mix it, with any other company’s trademark.

Availability of Domain Name

Find out whether the trademark you have chosen is available with an extension of .com, or not. In the attempt of getting .com extension, don’t use domain names, too complicated or weird to remember.

If .com extension is not available, you can select .org or .net, as they are also getting very conspicuous. But never get domain names having hyphen, as they will drive spam or useless traffic towards your website.

Swift Registration

When you are done with the selection process of your trademark and domain name, be swift in getting yourself registered. Numerous companies get themselves registered in a single day. Your delay might wash away all your efforts, and your favorite trademarks can be overtaken by someone else. If you have no idea on how to register your product, you need to consult a reliable patent attorney.