Traits of An Unprofessional Painter

The color scheme and theme of house paint plays a vital role on the overall appearance of your home. That is why, one should be careful on hiring a painter for this job. Following are some of the signs of an inexperienced painter.

Lack of Cleanliness

It’s the duty of painters to accomplish the work, while maintaining cleanliness and saving various items such as, furniture, electronics and others from getting stains of painting. But should you find the painter least bothered about household items while painting the house, these are not the signs of a good painter.

Furthermore, professional painters are knowledgeable in pressure washing and the methods of painting on different surfaces.

Lack of References

Ask the painter to give you some of the references of his work. An experienced and skilled painter will readily provide you three to four references of his work. But if the painters hesitates in providing you the references, and try to divert you from the topic, such behaviour signifies, either the painter doesn’t have proper experience, or he doesn’t have a good track record.

Lack of Work

Skilled painters usually don’t have much free time. They remain occupied almost throughout the year. If your painter doesn’t have any work to do and is free most of the times, it simply means that he doesn’t have much expertise in his field, and that’s why he remains idle and without work most of the times.

Try to enquire more about such painters because painting your home might be a new venture for them which might give you a terribly painted home.

Use of Subordinates

When you hire a painter, you make the payments depending upon his skills. But should you find the painter using his subordinates for doing most of the painting works, these are not the signs of a professional painter, because professional painters accomplish the work assigned to them on their own.

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