Trends for Autumn and Winter

With the drop in the temperatures, the days getting shorter and the chill running down your spine, you are all set to welcome winter. The grey skies accompanied by the strong winds notify you to keep all your winter dresses ready. So it is better you head out to shop, or just sit indoors buying dress online, for the must-haves this season. Refurbish your wardrobe for being ahead in the fashion run. Before starting to arrange your winter wardrobe take a look at the trends this season. There are a few autumn trends for you to check out.

Go colourful

Fashion Boutique gives you many options that you can choose from. Order dresses of colours you wish to show off this fall. Oxblood, wine, burgundy, reds, scorching scarlet, emerald greens are the colours in trend this season. It’s not the time for you to slip into the basic Black dress instead add a colourful dash to those chill winter days. Don’t be reticent to the crimson this season; embrace it and add more class and power to your new collection. Add indigo blue, to add a dark hue to get that sexy look to your attire.

 Adding texture

Add a little lace, velvet and leather this season to get that chic or gothic look. These are fabrics which have a luxurious, embossed and rich feel. Leather jackets and Knitted wear will give an extra layer to your clothing, helping you hide those extra pounds.