Types of Events Celebrants Preside

When there are special occasions in a person’s life, the event would last better when there are celebrants to make the event memorable. Celebrants are registered officials who preside over formal ceremonies that people go through in life. These wedding events can both be legal or extra-legal and here are three known events that celebrants are hired to make sure that the ceremonies are done with full professionalism and validity in the eyes of the law.


Weddings are the most popular events that celebrants preside over. In fact, some celebrants solely focus on weddings and are called marriage celebrants. This type of celebrant marries a couple in the same way a priest does in a church wedding or a judge does in a civil wedding. Marriage celebrants, however, can come from two backgrounds depending on the path they have chosen. They can either be a religious marriage celebrant from a certain branch of religion or a civil wedding celebrant which marries a couple by law. Regardless of the branch they follow, marriage celebrants are only allowed to preside over weddings only if they have the certificate to prove that they are authorized to perform this ceremony.

Baby naming

The naming of a baby is yet another event a celebrant hosts and this a joyful occasion to be celebrated as this is perhaps the perfect event to throw in honor of the baby’s birth. In a baby naming ceremony, the event lasts roughly for not more than half an hour and the celebrant would guide the family through the whole procedure of the event from declaring their love and devotion to their new child in front of guests and family and of course, the announcement of the child’s name and his or her supportive adults.


When a person who is near and dear to a family or close group of friends and colleagues has passed away, a funeral is needed in order to properly celebrate, commemorate and finally say goodbye to the deceased. This is another ceremony where celebrants are highly needed and these licensed professionals take care of the services flow which often begins with a prayer for the person who has died, saying of the eulogies from family, friends and finally the burial. Marriage celebrants are often needed in this sad occasions to help those who have been left behind by the person who passed away to accept reality in the gentlest way possible.