Types of Manual Commercial Juicers

If you are opening a juice bar or a restaurant, then you need to be able to keep up with the constant customer orders. It is always better to invest in a commercial juicer, so that you will be able to serve faster. A commercial juicer will be able to take more load, crush the fruit into pulp more quickly and has a lot of power. Most commercial juicers come with large containers to store the juice made from the commercial juicer.

Citrus reamers

As the name suggests, citrus reamers are used for extracting the juice from citrus fruits. You can use a citrus reamer which as has base below the reamer. The base is used as collecting dish for all the extras and seeds that also come out during extraction.

Alternatively, without the collection dish, the reamers have handle that is attached to the head of the reamer. This reamer allows seeds and the fibres to mix with the juice, which may change the taste of the drink. In addition, citrus reamers are best used for serving one person rather than a group.

Juicer pressers

If you are opening a juice stall at a cricket match, you need a manual commercial juicer that works faster. In such cases, you should use the juice pressers. Juice pressers have a lever actions that when pressed keeping the citrus inside will flush out the juice.

It will then go to a strainer core where only the fine juice without the excessive fibres and seeds will be extracted. The fruit will extract all the juice in one push of the lever. Most of the juicer presser models are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or zinc.

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