Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Over the decades, instances of accidents involving motorcycles have been rising steadily. Most of these collisions are serious enough to cause death or permanent disability to both the rider and his/her passenger. There are several kinds of motorcycle accidents although some are more common than the others. Whether you are riding your motorcycle or driving some other vehicle, you must be aware of the most prevalent types of accidents involving bikes before hiring an accident Adelaide lawyers for claims.

Collision with Other Vehicles

This is the most common type of vehicular accidents as seen on the roads involving motorcycles. A motorcycle is inherently unsafe and unstable because of the way it is constructed. It offers least amount of protection to its riders because of the absence of any metallic body that covers the rider and passengers.

A collision with another vehicle therefore leaves little chance of safety for motorcyclists. Moreover, the small size makes it difficult to detect motorcycles at night or under reduced visibility during inclement weather.

Other drivers on the road are often not as aware about bikes as they are about other similar or larger vehicles. The result is that most motorcycles are at the risk of head-on collision with another vehicle at intersections or on crowded winding roads.

Collision due to Abrupt Halt

Another major kind of motorcycle accident involves a collision with a vehicle that has stopped abruptly while on the move. While head-on collisions are more common, it is not rare to find a bike that been forced to hit a vehicle from the rear.