Types of Paper Rolls

Bond paper rolls are generally used in the application for kitchen docket printing with a dot matrix printer. These paper rolls primarily use require an inked ribbon and hence are mostly used in the most basic cash registers, as these are quite cost effective. Bond paper rolls are not affected by heat or oil; hence these are ideal for kitchen use.

Types of paper rolls that you should know about before stocking your paper roll supplies.

Thermal paper rolls

These are the most common type of paper used in Australia. Thermal paper rolls are infused with chemicals. Using a heat sensitive film they are able to print without the requirement of any kind of ink. Thermal paper rolls are ideal for use in thermal printers.

Wet-Strength Bond Paper Rolls

Wet-Strength Bond Paper Rolls are primarily used by dry cleaners; however they are ideal for use in any kind of application that involves water or any other liquids. These are a type of multipurpose paper, as the paper is waterproof and even when soaked, it retains its composition.

BPA Free Paper Rolls

Thermal papers are harmful in a way because these are coated with a chemical known as Bisphenol A, or BPA. BPA has the ability to readily transfer to skin and disrupt the endocrine system, though slowly. Therefore, when purchasing paper rolls, make sure that you buy BPA free paper rolls as they cause no harmful effects.

Choose the right Paper Rolls for your printers.