Useful Tips And Tricks From A Locksmith

The house is where you and your family sleep, take a rest, and basically, your shelter. You also store your belongings inside your own house. For this reason, it is important that you ensure its safety and prevent unwanted access from the evils of society. Here are some useful locksmith tips and tricks that you can follow in order to make your house more secure.

If you decide to move to a new house, you have to make sure that you will replace all of the locks of such house. The previous owner of the house may have copies of the keys of all the locks of the place. They may even reproduce copies and give the spare keys to other people who are strangers to you and your family. To avoid making your house susceptible to theft and break-ins, replacing the keys is necessary. You can ask your trusted locksmith to replace the locks in your home.

You definitely want to ensure the security of your family and the belongings that are inside your house. For this matter, you might think about installing deadbolt locks. This way, you can maximize your protection for your own home. To properly install a deadbolt lock, you should engage the service of a trusted locksmith Brisbane. However, if the door with a deadbolt lock is near a window, then, a stranger can just easily put his arm through the window and unlock it. In this case, you might want to install a double cylinder lock which needs a key to unlock.

It is important that the doors of your house, especially the front and back doors are sturdy. This way, it will not easily break down whenever someone will kick it from the outside and want to gain access to your home. Some examples of sturdy doors are those that are made of steel or solid wood. You should avoid those doors that are made from hollow, flimsy, and weak materials. No matter how strong the lock is, if the door is weak, then, a stranger can just easily walk in.

Most homeowners typically leave spare keys of their front doors so that, in case, they lose their keys while they are out, then, they will still be able to go inside their homes. However, most of them leave their spare keys in hiding places which are usually under their mats located at the floor of their front doors. This is usually a common practice and many thieves already know about it. You surely do not want a thief to find out where you hid your spare key and break into your home, you should avoid placing your spare key under the mat.

You should also avoid designating a hiding place that is within 10 feet from your front door, such as pots, rocks, mailboxes, and others. You should, instead, go with a hiding place that is about 15 to 20 feet away from your front door. You can also give the spare key to your neighbor or a friend. You just need to make sure that you can really trust them.