Vet Consultation

If the chewing habit of your dog is getting out of control, it is recommended to approach and consult with a vet.  The vets will find out as to what is the problem, and also check if the dog’s teeth and gums are bothering him.

Buy some chew bones as directed by the vet services and even you can provide them some attractive toys which can keep them distracted from the habit of chewing when alone.

Consultation from vet services could also help you learn more about chewing habits of your dog and other various reasons and remedies for the same.


Like any person who is in an accident or other emergency, your pet too is stressed out. You should remain calm and offer tender loving care which a mother would offer her child in a similar situation. Talk softly, calmly and lovingly to your pet. Assure him that you are capable of dealing with the emergency and there is nothing wrong that cannot be set right with a simple visit to the good doctor who takes care of him.

The  suggestions listed below can be applied when visiting a vet


Like children, pets too have favourite toys. Carry your pet’s favourite toy to every vet visit. That way in a real emergency, your pet will find himself in a situation which is familiar to him, and will not be unduly stressed.


If all else fails, ask your vet if you can give your pet something to calm him down before bringing him in. Some animals simply cannot deal with stress. They need chemical crutches of sedatives to help calm them down.

When you are going on a vacation with your family, check if pets are allowed in the holiday homes.

For your home, make sure you have security screens to avoid any scratches on your door.