Video Production – Building Blocks of a Movie Making Career

Video production is both an art and science. A professional videographer needs skill as well as the knowledge to implement his skills. With the high demand of videographers worldwide, it is emerging as a successful career. From a career perspective, it is interesting to learn the art of video production as well as showcase your talent regularly. It has a bright future and can earn name, fame and money.


A hierarchy of jobs is available under video production. There are entry level jobs as well as the sophisticated jobs. The entry level job includes video editor, animator, camera operator etc. Also, there are some lucrative jobs available such as working for reputed business houses, television, media, advertisement, etc. Talking about the entry level jobs, the basic qualification required is a Bachelor’s degree in this program. Here you will be taught about the different software’s used, essential equipment’s to operate and varied techniques. It is better if students apply for internship as well. This will help them to develop their skills; they get hands-on opportunity and actually gain lot of experience.

Several firms and production houses open slots for internship programs. Based on your experience and skill set, you can apply for various job options. You can try your hands on video recordings of social gatherings or corporate events. Also, you can opt for freelancing and shoot videos for clients to make some easy bucks. There is lot of scope of growth in this domain. If you are keen to build up your career in this domain, then it is better to work in multimedia, film making and broadcasting technology. Your career ladder will rise and, you will find a transparency in your work. You can implement and exhibit your skills and get handsome paycheques as well. The sophisticated video production career include production assistant, editing room assistant, assistant camera operator and assistant director. Undoubtedly, these job profiles require qualification along with experience. With a cinematography degree in hand, you can work as an assistant to a firm or a director for a movie or television show. The job will have different aspects and will boost up your profile. It will give you a platform to showcase your talent. The remuneration is very high in this job.

The camera operator is responsible for arranging the position of the camera, adjustment of lenses, fixing any camera defects, checking the audio-visual quality, moving the camera cables during a shot etc. He has multiple roles to play. He is always behind the scenes, but is responsible for the perfect shot. You can apply to work in a studio or a production house in that case. An assistant director is considered to be the right hand of any director. He is one of the key persons in the video production unit. His duties extend from managing the cast and crew to finalizing the shots. He is expected to have details of each and every movement happening on the set. Although, it is a very hectic job but you gain immense experience from it.

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