Wake Boarding Safety Guidelines For Beginners

Wakeboarding is one of the most popular water sports in Western countries. This is somewhat related to other water sports like waterskiing and water surfing. Wakeboards and other safety gear are the things that you should invest in. If you are interested to try this, here are some safety guidelines that you can use to avoid any unnecessary incidents to happen.

Hold on to the life jacket

Never underestimate the importance of this life saving piece of garment. It is not not enough that you know how to swim. This holds true even if you are the most seasoned wakeboarder in the world. You never know when you face a surprise collision which could knock you out. This scenario is scary enough without having to factor in the risk of drowning. For best result the guys on the boat should be wearing life jackets too.

Numbers spell safety

Never go wake boarding solo or with just one person on the boat. If there is an emergency situation you will need lots of strong hands to pull you to safety. There should be at least two people in the boat, the more the better. Only having the driver on means he cannot do much to help you if you are in a potentially dangerous situation.

Check out the size of water

Size of water refers to the dimensions of the water body where the sport is going to take place. This means that the depth, the length and the surface area should be large enough to accommodate a water sport. The depth of the water should be more than five meters and the length should be more than 2,000 feet. The total radius should be enough to give a 100 meter radius all around any boat which is in the picture.

Like any other water sports like water surfing, wakeboarding or skiing, there should be a set of rules that needs to be followed to avoid an accidents to happen. In water skiing for example, the skier should be at least 7 meters away behind the towing boat. Hand signals and safety gears are also necessary.