Water Skiing Safety

Water skiing is truly an enjoyable sports during summer. This water sport have developed through the years. And still you have to have the proper gear and equipments to assure the safety of the skier. This is a recommended sport activity when you are on a team building with your colleagues.

The Skier

As you ski, be alert of partially submerged objects, cross-wakes, and rafters to avoid collision. Also wear a helmet and buoyancy vest of fluorescent colours so that it is easy for others to spot you. A coast-guard designed personal floating device will provide you cushion falls, and protect your upper body. You can try to use a ski tube while being towed by a towboat.

The Boat Operator

You need to make sure that the towline in free from the propeller and also not wrapped around the water skier. Also check for any possible obstacles before you start off. Proper acceleration techniques should be followed else you might end hurting the skier. Easing the throttle first and then increasing the speed is recommended.

Never attempt turns sharply, especially when the skier is cutting outside on either side or holding the tip of a towline handle. If any accident happens you should take care that the engine is turned off, so that there is no danger to the skier from the propeller.

The Observer

As an observer you should be licensed and hold a medical certificate. Your main duty is to keep a watch on the skier all the time and communicating the skier’s and operators signal. Most accidents occur only because of the improper lookout of the observers. Proper signaling and communications are needed for a safe water skiing experience.

Perfect your posture

The key to a good water skiing posture lies in a balanced stance. Make sure that your body is not uncomfortable in the process or you might end up losing balance. Keep the shoulders squared, legs spread and pull down the upper part of the body over your knees.
You need to learn how to handle the direction of the towboat. Your body should lean forward in the direction that you want your boat to turn.

Another interesting water sport is the wakeboarding.