Weddings and Photo Booths



  • Add a different spice on your wedding day by hiring photo booths for the reception. The photo booth is not meant to be a substitute for a professional wedding photographer. The photo booth is for fun and wacky photos while the professional wedding photographer is for the traditional and serious wedding photos. The photo booths are meant to provide great form of unrivaled entertainment. The pictures taken from the photo booth are also great souvenirs and reminders from a happy union. So if you want a wedding celebration that spells fun, then look for a photo booth online:
  • Not everyone is comfortable to sit in front of a wedding photographer and smile and make poses. This only results in unnatural pictures. But the photo booths have curtains for privacy so your guests can go inside and create poses that they like without feeling conscious.
  • The photo booths come with a guest book so you can always look back at the excitement that transpired during the wedding reception.
  • The booths are very portable so wherever the wedding reception is, the booths can be brought there without any hitches. So whether the reception is by the sea or in a garden, the photo booth can be brought there to add spice on your wedding reception.
  • The pictures that are captured from the photo booths are very personal. There is no wedding photographer who dictated the poses. The poses are the ideas of your guests. Thus, all pictures from the booth are unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • The prints from the photo booth are the best souvenirs. Why do you have to think of souvenirs when the wacky pictures from the photo booths are the best souvenirs for all your guests.
  • The prints from the photo booth are of high quality so you can be guaranteed that the photos, just like your commitment to each other, will last a lifetime.
  • The booths come with a video recorder so your guests can say all the best wishes that they like at the privacy of the photo booths. Just like the pictures, these video recordings are great souvenirs from your union.  The video recordings are saved in a thumb drive.

So if you are in the thick of your wedding preparation, do not forget to look for a photo booth. The images that will be captured from the photo booth are something that you will treasure for  life.

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