What Activities to Organise for a Casino Night?

Casino nights can be hugely entertaining and if you have attended one before you are sure to be convinced. Whether your purpose is fundraising or felicitating or celebrating an important occasion mobile casino hire services are capable of adding a whole new dimension to your party. Gambling is still not legal in many parts of the country but casino nights are legal and have huge entertainment potential.

Passion for poker

Poker has graduated from a nondescript game played in quiet corners of houses by a group of cronies to one of Las Vegas favourite games. Poker is easy to play and fun and if you are organising a casino night then a poker tournament is surely going to a strong favourite amongst your guests.
Give everybody a limited equal number of chips and begin the game with 8-9 people at one table. Ask the players if they have some basic knowledge of poker otherwise some pointers will have to be explained to them.

A good idea to add some zing to the game is to have a timer that keeps on doubling the minimum betting amount every 15 minutes. This will make players run out of chips fast and the game gets over quickly with the winner collecting all the booty.

Casino themes
Though games are certainly the central event in any casino party the glitz and the glamour of a casino theme is also one of the reasons why people love the experience not to mention dressing up for the occasion.

You can scale up your party if you are holding it for important clients or scale it down if you are only inviting your cronies.