What Does a Poor Website Looks Like?

To win a large number of customers, your website should be appealing and informative with strong content. On the contrary, a poor website repels customers due to various pesky features. Let’s understand the traits of a poor website.

Bright Colours

Too much use of bright or dark colours in the background of website is a good sign of a poor website. Some web designers use their favourite colours or rainbow colours, considering them fascinating, but they just end up giving the website a gaudy and ugly look.

Bright colour websites leave a negative impact on customers. Websites with grey default background colour and distracting background are the most prominent features of poor websites.

Slow Website

The website should open immediately, as the customers click on their URL. If a website takes hours in opening, it discourages the customers to reach the website. Too much use of hefty graphics, videos and images decrease the speed of website.

Loud Sound

If a website opens with a loud sound or music, it frustrates the customers more than anything. Customers tend to dislike such websites and close the website without even looking at them. Loud music contributes a lot into bringing a website into the category of pathetic websites.

Unnecessary Animation

Unnecessary animations are often used by website designers to show their dexterity, but in fact they just help in making a website pesky to the customers.

The customers are not interested in spending their time on unnecessary animations. Customers seek information in websites, and if they don’t find it, they will immediately move on to some other website.

With all the traits above, it is important on your end to choose a reliable company to design your website. When you select Website designers, rest assured that they can show you what a good website should be.

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