What Is A Glazier

Glass play a very important role in structural designs, that said, explains their is a high demand for professional glazier in Brisbane. A Glazier is highly trained and skilled professional, they are the ones responsible in installing glass in storefronts and skylights, also in display cases to showcase the distinctive design and use natural lighting rather than the conventional approach of using artificial lighting.

Glazier play a key role in structural design architecture, like any other professionals in the construction industry, these personnel’s lives are at risk each time they climb ladders ad scaffoldings whenever they install these window glasses.

Apart from the given fact that they handle installation of glass, the other duties that a Glazier has in his pocket are as follows:



o They work along side the architect to ensure they follow the blueprints, highly considering the specifications required such as the size, the color, the type of glass to be used and the thickness of the glass given that this play an important role to ensure safety once they are installed.

o Following proper procedure prior to cut glass based on specified standard needed, size and shape. And to strictly follow proper procedure to installing replacement glass, ensuring the old and broken glass is taken out, ensuring safety for everyone.

o Ensure that moldings and sashes are properly installed during installation of glass and windows, assuring that the said sashes and moldings, clips and fasteners are intact and properly placed to ensure the hold of the glass and windows.

o Ensure that putty and other sealants are properly applied around those pane edges to seal the joints and the likes.

Glazier is not just called for commercial jobs; they are also called for residential and other glass installation related tasks. Given the demand in the market for glass because of its known characteristics, being fire proof, water proof, air proof, and even acid proof to common acids. It provides a good insulation to houses, not only making it quieter because of the insulation, rather provides a few more benefits such as energy savings and aesthetics enhancements.

Glazier are called for the installation of windows and doors in residential houses nowadays, modern designs incorporate the use of such glass materials for the purpose of energy savings, having a natural source of lighting, reducing the need for artificial lighting at the same time reducing the need to power the air conditioning system or heaters as glass help regulate temperature in your house.