What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the word that was tagged originally as “needle” from the Latin word “acus” and “to puncture” from the word “puncture”. It is widely known as one of the famous alternative medicines conducted by Chinese people. In Chinese medicine, the alternative medicine called acupuncture involves usage of thin needles that are inserted in the body of a person or effective to use and point at acupuncture points. Aside from that, it is associated with the use of pressure, heat and or laser light to the same acupuncture points.

            Acupuncture is widely used to relief pain and other wide range of conditions. Practice, especially clinically, acupuncture usage depends on the country and its practitioner how or why they are using it. As far as differences in usage, acupuncture has different approach as well and is involved in different distinctive philosophies. The Chinese medicine or way of Chinese people using acupuncture is the most common way adopted by U.S. and other countries. The method by Chinese medicine or the technique is commonly used but accompanied with other form of treatments as well. The Chinese medicine method is said to be not based on scientific knowledge. Actually, there are still some who described acupuncture as pseudoscience.

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            Trial and error has been done for the acupuncture. There are large reviews and comments if this is effective or not as one of the medicine methods. Reviews have been said to be inconsistent about the acupuncture. One review stated that acupuncture is not effective for a wide range of condition common to people. It is only effective for some chemotherapy-induces vomiting or nausea, postoperative vomiting or nausea and idiopathic level of headache. This review even suggested that acupuncture may be alleviating the type of pain being experienced by the person. Another review stated that the acupuncture may lack some scientific relevance for treating some kind of pain felt by a human living.

            Generally, acupuncture is safe especially if a trained or professional practitioner from Acupuncture Gold Coast is using the clean needle method or the single-use needles. Of course, using needles only once is very important as to avoid contact or future transfer of ailments from one person who used it to another. A professional practitioner should keep the needles clean and if possible use sterile technique because if not, accidents and even infections can be transmitted.

            Science may void the validity or effectivity of acupuncture, still there are lots of people believing and even using that to treat pain or diseases and nowadays, it is one of the highlights in some spa for relaxation and reducing stress levels.