What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is a major service used by all organisations which are involved in domestic or international import and export. The freight or the goods are transported from one location to the other using various kinds of carriers and the freight forwarding company is responsible for ever seeing and facilitating the transport arrangements. There are many legalities, documentations and obligations and many procedural requirements that freight services handle and they make life easier for the top companies of the corporate jungle.

What do freight carrier services do?

These kinds of forwarding services ensure that the allotted load of goods reach their intended destination in the fastest possible time with minimum amount of hassle. The freight forwarders will guarantee that the products will reach their destination in the exact physical condition in which they were dispatched.

A typical freight service has a strong network of transport connects. A lot of goods get transported from point A to point B using one or more kinds of carriers like rail, shipping, trucks and aeroplane freights. Therefore it’s necessary for the freight forwarding company to establish a travel network with air freights, shipping liners, trucking networks and goods rails.

These freight carriers have some contractual agreements with insurance companies and this is how they can offer customers full guarantee of their product transportation. If there is some damage to the goods during transport process then the insurance company bears the charges.

Declaration Document

It is compulsory to attach a declaration paper with your parcel before shipping. Only Christmas Cards and letters weighing less than 4oz are exempt. Your post office will measure your parcel and advice you on how to fill and sign your declaration document.

In the absence of such a document, the shipment will not be delivered. Always insure valuable shipments. If the parcel is too large for the US Postal Service to handle, contact other commercial carriers.

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