What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a new age marketing process whereby business owners can use content to drive more web traffic to their webpage or website. SEO by and large is a recent trend that allows users and companies to use indirect means to increase product or service awareness. SEO today consists of several elements and factors. As a process it requires specific consultation and planning to create a good SEO plan.

The focus is on what people look for online

When it comes to the broader subject of online marketing, professional marketers try to identify a particular target market’s taste and preference and then find ways to draw them toward a certain product or service. SEO works by targeting potential customer’s interests in the way of what he looks for online.

How does this work? Well, several people use search engines to find reviews about products or suggestions on what to use for specific personal or other purposes. SEO works by studying what a particular target market would search for. The marketer then tries to draw this traffic toward them by providing the answers to that search in simple terms. This is why the term is broadly known as Search Optimisation.

A combination of traditional marketing and internet marketing is important today. The entire SEO process works well when combined with a strategic advertising campaign. There are more products and services offered to the same base of customers in today’s market. In order to increase reach and awareness it is important to plan a combination of both.

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