What is Team Building?

A team is a group of people, each of whom has a definite role to play in achieving an objective. The simplest examples of a team are the cricket, football or any other  kind of sports where each player plays for his team to win.

How to build a team?

When you talk of team building in the corporate world, the skills of the individuals involved are varied and so are the goals to be achieved. How then do you build the team? The 5 basic requirements for any team are:

•    Problem solving Ability

Each individual will surely have this ability to some degree. It is the team leader who has to identify the skill of each individual and put it to use for the betterment of the team and the organization.

•    Ability to give and take feedback or criticism.

Although no one like criticism, with the right attitude of the team leader and the other members of the team, individuals can learn to accept their faults.

•    Ability to focus on the goal.

Putting the need of the team before their own personal goals is an attitude to be cultivated by the team leader.

•    Ability to lead the group.

Everyone may want to lead but only one person can. The group feeling has to be molded to accept the decision of the leader while the leader keeps each individual in mind while making decisions.

•    Culture of the organization.

The environment in the organization should be conducive to  team building.

You might say that not all individuals can have each of these qualities but except for the last two, the first three are present in every individual in varying degrees. It is the role of the team leader to bring out these qualities and that is exactly what team building is all about.

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