What Makes Promotional Products So Effective For Marketing?

In Australia they love promotional products. In a recent survey, over 90% respondents indicated that they would keep a branded promotional product if they found it relevant or useful. Offering the right Australian promotional products to your customers allows you to capitalize on this affection for branded freebie and boost our brand recognition. What make promotional products so effective for marketing?

They are perceived as a gift

While paper flyers, postcards and similar pieces can relay your message, they are often discarded without even being read. Promotional pieces have a higher perceived value, making the recipient more likely to hang on them.

Extended exposure

A reusable tote or water bottle with you logo will go more places and be seen by more people as the recipient uses these popular promotional products. Every time your company logo is spotted in “in the wild” awareness of your brand increases – and some people keep and use branded promo pieces for years.

Low cost

Promotional products don’t cost as much as traditional advertising but offer a great return on your investment. Being able to order as many pieces as you need and distribute your promos freely allow you to blanket an area or trade show with your brand without spending a fortune.

Award employees

Offer a logo shirt, bag or another promo piece to your top performing salesperson or your employee of the month. You’ll not only boost morale, you’ll encourage loyalty and be able t offer a tangible reward for you employee’s effort.

Say thanks in a memorable way

A follow-up is just good manners and good business sense your clients are used to having salespeople send thank you emails after a meeting. You’ll stand out if you send some memorable promotional products.

How to choose the right promotional pieces for you audience


Make sure the piece you choose relates in some way to you target buyer. A kid’s sports team will love your printed bags, t-shirts or water bottles but won’t have much use for key chains or bottle openers. Offering a relevant piece increased the chances that will be used and enjoyed by the recipient.


Offer pieces that are truly useful to your customers and they’ll be more likely to keep them. Promotional products as like screen printed bags, printed pens and similarly useful items are not likely to be discarded. If the original recipient can’t use them, they are likely to see the value pass these pieces onto someone who can.