What You need Discuss with the Removal Agency

When you are moving house, one of the things that you need to consider is to hire Melbourne interstate removalists to help you pack and transport safely your stuffs. The first step of the decision making process should undoubtedly be the scouting where you look for agencies in your neighborhood and compare prices and facilities. To help you make this easy for you, here is a list of questions you absolutely must ask the agency people before zeroing in on one:

First and foremost – get a quote

The easiest way to select removals company is based on the price they quote for the job, and the facilities they provide you for the deal. Ask the agency if the payment includes the agency men coming to your house and helping in loading the furniture into the removals van, and if they will also help you pack your things. Many companies offer a low rate, but render a huge bill later citing additional expenses. So get all these finer details down in writing before you make a commitment, and beware of removals company which quote blatantly low prices. They may be trying to cheat you.

Agree on a delivery date and what to do in case of a delay

Make sure you know exactly when your stuff will be delivered at your door, and what is the recourse if there are any delays in the delivery. Note down all important phone numbers and contact details. You may even be able to get a concession in case of a delay, so be aware of that and make it a point to discuss this with the removals company.