When Does one Need a Financial Planner?

Finance is a topic most people would rather not deal with. Luckily, this is where a financial planner comes in. A lot of people face multiple money issues and in most cases, they are unable to effectively manage their money. This often leads to bankruptcy later in life. To avoid this, one needs a financial planner. Additionally, those set to retire and are not so sure how they’ll manage to cope without a steady source of finance can benefit from a planner’s advice. A financial planner’s work is to offer an objective viewpoint on one’s financial situation.

He/she guides in setting realistic expectations and guides someone along the way. In addition, a financial planner can save one lots of hard-earned money and can make money double as a result of making sound financial decisions. Christchurch finance  planners subscribe to well-defined principles, ethics and standards, this means they are obligated to put a person’s needs first and even offer full disclosure regarding any conflict of interest.

Here are some areas where a planner may come in handy.

Lack of knowledge on where or what to invest in

Investments can be tricky especially when one doesn’t fully understand what they pertain. In some cases, people end up losing money as a result of investing in the wrong products. In order to avoid this, it is vital to hire a financial planner who will help find the right investment for both short and long term financial goals.

Landed a jackpot and don’t know where to begin

When one comes into a windfall, due to closing a huge sale or due to an inheritance, it is wise to consult a financial planner who will help them manage the money to better suit their financial goals. Furthermore, he/she also works to offset any taxes one may incur.

Landed a new job

A financial planner is essential when one has landed a new job. A planner will help figure out how to take advantage of the benefits offered at the workplace. Moreover, he can also help come up with a budget that caters for short and long term financial goals.

Worried about the market’s volatility

In times of economic uncertainty, one may be tempted to make an emotional decision in regards to finance which could cost them later. A financial planner in this case is a must have as he /she will help one make rational decisions that aren’t emotionally inclined.


After spending years working hard to finally enjoy retirement, one now need a planner to ensure that they outlive their savings and retirement benefits. He/she works to make sure that the asset base is sustainable over a long period of time.

Financial planners are important whether one is just changing careers or they’ve just retired. The professional advice one gets is worth every penny. Being in the know about one’s finance is critical and will help further prepare for the future.