When to Choose a Rainwater Tank?

If you are building a new home or renovating a house, NOW is the time to think about installing that rainwater tank. However, if you already have your own home and you have only just decided to install one, even that is possible. Before buying a new rainwater tank, bear some pointers in mind –

  • How much space do you have in your house?
  • How many members are in the house and what is their water need?
  • What is the amount of precipitation received in your area?
  • What are the uses you are going to put the stored water to? For instance, if you only wish to use the rain water for gardening purposes, then you will need a tank of a smaller capacity than someone who uses their stored water for many other purposes.

Features and Benefits

22500 L Rainwater Tank is an efficient way to cut down on your water bills. Since only 1% of our daily water consumption is used for drinking and other personal uses, we do not need high quality water for other household purposes like gardening or washing your car. This is where a rainwater tank is so useful. Also, in case of acute water shortage, the stored water can be filtered and made potable as well. Having an underground tank also frees up space and requires minimum excavation.

Fibreglass Tanks

Fiberglass water tanks are extremely durable, light-weight and they do not rust or corrode. They come in several shapes, sizes and colors.  They are easy to transport and install.  However, they are expensive.