Why Extension Builders Are Necessary

There can be little argument that many home owners harbour big ambitions for their own homes. Making their living space their own, with the features, style and character that they want, is important, and this ultimately leads to renovation and extension work being carried out by home extension Brisbane. In many cases, as tempting as it might be to DIY lovers, it is better not to take the larger projects on but to hire the professionals. This is in order to guard against the risk of something going wrong. After all, the bigger the project the higher the risks involved.

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, for instance, the extent of the work to be done can range from redesigning the surface appearance of the room to completely changing the layout of it. Obviously, the former is something that most home owners can do themselves, as it tends to involve such minor projects as retiling, repainting or, if he or she has home improvement experience, even replacing the sink, bath and toilet units.

However, if more substantial work is intended, such as a complete remodeling project that involves expanding the room, then it is always advisable to turn to the professionals. The reason is that the extent of the project goes far beyond even moving the bathroom walls, but involves negotiating plumbing and weighing up structural factors. The consequence of removing a wall or part of it can be very serious, particularly if it is a supporting wall. This is something that an experienced builder will be able to spot immediately.

Meanwhile, existing plumbing has to be avoided, while new plumbing has to be accommodated and laid. An expansion into the neighboring space, like a small bedroom, also means changes to its own structure with plumbing laid there, electrical wiring rerouted, and perhaps the floors strengthened to support a new bathroom suite, and walls and ceiling to be protected against moisture. Basically, there are too many facets to moving a wall for even an avid DIY lover to take it on.

The same can be said for the dining room, when a home owner wishes to add more light. One of the favourite ways of doing this is adding some sliding doors to the exterior walls, thereby allowing more day-light to flood the room and also allowing easy access to the garden or patio.

There are several reasons why this may be a desired renovation, not least the ability to better accommodate barbecues and summer parties, with guests able to easily walk from inside the home to the aroma filled garden. As a feature, sliding doors, or even French doors for that matter, are highly desirable, but it is no simple task to have them installed in an exterior wall. It is not like an interior dry wall that can be punched through. It carries the weight of one side of the entire house and so the project must be approached very carefully.

This generally means that the length of sliding doors may need to be reduced, or perhaps a pillar or two be added to maintain the integrity of the wall. Such alterations to the preferred plans may be hard for a home owner to accept, but coming from an expert the assessment can be trusted.