Why Pipes Need Replacement?

Small leaks can very often turn into big ones. Walk along the pipeline in your house and check for signs of leaks. If the leak is hidden, you may not see the water leaking through but you will definitely see other signs of leakage – patches of lush green in an otherwise dry area, or moss and algae crawling over the pipes – and you have be very careful to spot them and not write them off instantly. Whenever you see such unexplained signs of life, you should be very insistent on finding out the cause behind it and if it means that you have a leaky or rusty pipe then have the professional emergency plumbers in Melbourne come in and fix the pipes once and for all before the problem escalates.

Sky high water bills

If your water bills are suddenly sky rocketing, you may have a problem on your hands. If your water use has remained the same as always but if your water bills are escalating then it is obvious that something somewhere is leaking and you should be proactive in fixing it soon. The leak can be hidden away and it may even be your sewer pipe that has developed a leak. But the solution lies in hiring reputed plumbing services Brisbane to look at the problem and fix it soon.

Check for signs of mould

Leaky water pipes cause damp, and this can translate into rot and mould. So, check the kitchen cabinet that is built below the sink for any signs of mould, and if you do see something then make sure to run to your nearest plumbing services at the first opportunity. Not only is mould infestation a sign of water leaking, it can also prove to have many ill effects on your health if not treated at the first step. Also, once the mould infestation destroys the wood, you will have no other choice but to replace it all which can prove to be very costly.